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We produce the programming for WHHV, WGFC, and WNLB radio. We also produce programming for the television ministry. The main studio is set up for live recording for both audio and video recording. Contact us for recording rates. Stay in touch for more news about our television ministry which is being developed. Also, tune in to our online station, WNLB, by clicking on links to the left or right. We also host Gospel Singing Showcases monthly. Scroll down the page for more information. Soon to come, a music publishing company to benefit Gospel groups.

Gospel Singing Showcases

We present Gospel singing showcases. We host some of the best groups in Gospel music and we air the concerts over all three stations-WGFC, WHHV, and WNLB the 24-hour internet station. These concerts are also open to the public. For a list of the artists who have joined with us in these showcases, see the link to the right. For a schedule of upcoming showcases, see the link to the right. Join us in person, or by internet for Gospel music that will lift your spirit.

Showcase at NQC

NLCCI hosts an artists showcase at the National Quartet Convention in Louisville, KY which features about 20 artists and groups along with the winner of our radio search talent contest. At the showcase the Holy Ghost is made welcome. The Spirit of God blesses and moves in our midst.

Join with us for a guaranteed blessing.

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