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Young Mother's Program

One of our greatest concerns at our onsite school is to work with young mothers.  We often hear protests against abortion. Many are outspoken about their opinions concerning it, but so many are not sure how to help.  One way the school has helped stop abortion is to reach out to young mothers that feel trapped in an unexpected pregnancy. We at New Life have had a burden for over 17 years to help provide an education for young mothers.  All too often the public school programs do not meet their needs.  They are required to attend classes, which often is impossible before and after the baby is born. We provide a program that meets their attendance needs, working one on one with them, providing child care classes and counseling.  We also provide career guidance and job training classes. We also are expanding in our outreach to young mothers through our correspondence program.


Adult Diploma Program

New Life Christian Schools International offers an opportunity for those over 18 to earn a high school diploma.  This can be done through our correspondence program or through our on site program if you live in the area of the school.  Our diploma is accepted by in and out of state colleges.  Our oldest student was in her 60’s.  If you quit school we want to encourage you to come and complete your education. 

Why From Age 18 to 80 Do I Need A High School Diploma?

Not long ago a student came back to school to earn his high school diploma.  He had quit school when he was 16.  Now at the age of 30, he had moved into a successful career.  He had a recent opportunity to move up in his corporation.  He was turned down for a promotion because he didn’t have his high school diploma.  There have been many students quit school who in just a short while came back.  They found out that the only jobs available to them were the same ones available to high school students.  To sum it up, in today’s highly competitive work world, you need a high school dipoma. Plus we have had many students come back because they had always felt like a quitter because they had quit school.

Don't be a quitter. Start again today.

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