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New Life Ministries organizes, helps structure and reaches out to churches throughout the U.S. and overseas who are subordinate churches.  There are two types of charters.  The churches can operate under the tax structure of the ministry, or can operate as a subordinate church under the ministry’s umbrella and have it’s own tax identity.  Tax exempt status is only available for those churches that are in the US.

To apply to be a subordinate church it must be structured as a church under the laws of that particular state or country.  Also, it is required that the Director of the Ministry be licensed  or ordained through our organization.  There is no charge for this.  The forms are available at the Minister's Association page
.  If a minister is already licensed or ordained through another association, they will not have to change this.  Our license will be issued in addition to previous licensures.  There is no required number of members for a church to become a subordinate church.


If you are a church seeking to belong to a nondenominational organization, or a minister, evangelist, missionary, or other worker seeking licensing or ordination, contact 

New Life Church and Ministries.


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