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In Patience Possess Your Soul

Crucified With Christ

Take America Back

Going Back To God


Worthy Through the Blood


Standard of God

The Word of God

Blessed is the Nation

With the Heart

Harden Not Your Hearts

Create An Atmosphere For the Holy Ghost

God Will Come Through

Hear His Voice

Isaiah 10:27
Stand Up For What You Stand For

Who Is On the Lord's Side

Lord and Christ, the Door to Salvation

I Will Know

The Thief
Can You Hear Me Now
Heirs of the Promise Thru Grace and


Power to Stand

Joy of the Lord

By His Spirit
Shall Not Fall
Call On Him
Will of God

What Is Your Purpose

Dying Daily

By Whose Name

Holy Ghost For All
Not Everyone
This is the Day


Seem Right Way

Set Your Mind to Overcome

Signs of the Coming of Jesus

Signs of the Time

This Is How To Be Saved

To Know Him

Without Holiness


The Passing of the Mantle
Wait on the Lord

Wise Became Fools

With the Heart

Lest We Forget


No Room In the End

Signs of the Times

Living Waters

Repair the Altar

When They Knew Him They Failed To
Worship Him

What Shall The End Be

Going Back to the Holy Ghost Power

Sound Mind By the Word


Power of His Resurrection

Able to Keep

What Meaneth This

The Way We See It

Defeating Satan

Overcomers By the Blood of the Lamb


Mind of God
Know Who You Have Believed
Blinded By Sin

Blessed That Know the Joyful Sound

Blessing or Curse


Don't It Make You Wanna Go

Faith To Receive

Find Faith

God's Way

God's Way to Prosper

God's Will


Heirs of the Promise

He Is Coming Back

How Long

In His Hands

Is There Not a Cause

Jesus Came Looking

Obey the Gospel

Press Forward

Quickened By God's Spirit

Resurrection and the Life

Right Spirit

Rely on the Lord


Keep The Word In Thy Heart


Spiritual Intake


Resisting the Power


Repair the Altar


Judgment For All


With The Heart


Faith To Win


Don’t Look Back


Power and Sound Mind


Who Will Stand


Preach the Word


What Is the Resurrection


Think On These Things


Teaching On Salvation


Power In the Word


You Need a Savior Today


What in Hell Would You Miss Heaven For


All in the Name of Jesus


Men Choose Darkness


God Is Not Done Yet






Commit and Commitments


The Cross




Praise the Lord


See In Part- Know in Part


Endureth To The End


Mantle And Double Portion


Violent Take It By Force


My Sins- Gone At Last


Thoughts and Ways Of God


Labor Not In Vain


The Way


What Will It Take To Make It


Established-What It Means


In All Give Thanks


Evil Ever Present


God Will Be There


Authority of the Believer


Fellowship of His Suffering


Empowered Church


Hebrew 9th-The Veil


Faith- Its Purpose and How It Works




God Has Raised Jesus Up


How To Pray


Sound Mind


That Which Is Not Seen


Work Of The Holy Ghost


What Do You Believe


An Ensample




The Cross-God’s Will, Jesus’ Choice


The Wicked Shall Be Cut Off


My Gain I Count Loss For Christ


Old Man and Old Nature Crucified


Church Built On the Rock


The Resurrection




What Shall the End Be


Preach the Word


Quickening Power of God


Holiness-The Way To Heaven


Quickening Power of God


God Will Provide