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Lessons About
The Baptism of the Holy Ghost

Lesson 1

Lesson 2

Lesson 3

Lesson 4

Lesson 5
Lesson 6

Lesson 7

Lesson 8

Lesson 9

Lesson 10

 Holy Ghost Tongues Part 1

Holy Ghost Tongues Part 2


The Word of God

The Blood Will Never Lose Its Power


Fellowship of His Suffering

Love One Another

Wait On the Lord

Fire of God

Judgment Bound People

The Second Coming of Jesus

The Will of God

The Cross

Jesus, Who Is He


God Will Provide


Stagger Not At the Promises


Ten Ways a Saved Man Can Be Lost Part 1


Ten Ways a Saved Man Can Be Lost Part 2


God’s Renewing Plan


Preach the Word


What Is Truth?


The Mind of God


The Quickened Power of God Part 1


The Quickened Power of God Part 2


Being Fully Persuaded


Are You In Him?


Trust in the Lord


Holiness-The Way to Heaven


We Need a Savior




The Word of God


Fear Not


What Will the End Be?




Now Is The Time


What Is The Resurrection?


Praying in the Holy Ghost


How To Pray


Blessings and Purpose of Giving

Church Built on the Rock


Old Man and Old Nature Crucified


You Have a Choice


That Which Is Not Seen


The Wicked Shall Be Cut Off


The Cross-God’s Will, Jesus’ Choice


He is Our Strength


Forget the Past




Not Every One


Dust We Are

Give Praise to the Lord





God Speaks


Except the Lord Build the House


What Do You Believe


Work of the Holy Ghost


Holy Ghost


The Spirit Versus the Flesh


Salvation For Everyone


He Has Been Lifted Up


If I Sin


Danger of Resisting the Power of God


The Fellowship of His Suffering




Repair the Altar


The Purpose of Faith and How It Works


Empowered Church


The Renting of the Veil Part 1


The Renting of the Veil Part 2


The Eyes of a Man Are Never Satisfied


The Authority of the Believer


God Will Be There


Justified By Faith


In All Things Give Thanks


Established and What It Means


What Will It Take to Make It In


The Way


Thoughts and Ways of God


The Victory Over It All


My Sins Are Gone At Last


Take It By Force


God Will Take Care of You




We Need More Sanctification


What Are You Doing With the Mantle


Seven Miracles of Elijah


Fourteen Miracles of Elisha


Endureth to the End